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Skoczów was established in the 13th century as a market settlement on the trading route from Moravia to Cracow. Its inhabitants were engaged in all sorts of craftsmanship, as well as farming - an additional or primary source of income both for the petit-bourgeois and the bourgeoisie.
The so called Kaiser Track, which ran through Skoczów, was conducive to the sustainable growth of the town and its tanning industry. The large cattle herds driven along this track from Malopolska (a region in the south of Poland) to Moravia and Bohemia, and the famous at that time Skoczów cattle fair were natural basis for the development of craftsmanship and tanning art in Skoczów.
Today, it is difficult to establish the location of the first tannery shops in Skoczów. However, given the specificity of this craft, i.e., a substantial amount of water required for production and the unsavoury smell accompanying hide processing, one may say that in all likelihood they were placed on the banks of two streams: Bladnica and Zabiniec - then the outskirts of Skoczów.

1859 marked the arrival of Dawid Spitzer in Skoczów. This 26-year-old man from Cierlicko near Cieszyn most probably made use of the Industrial Regulations and started his own tannery shop in Skoczów. Over the years the shop grew into a big tannery processing different kinds of raw material into footwear, clothing and furniture leather, using vegetable tanning agents only. The formation of "Spitzer-Sinajberger" partnership around 1928 led to a further, conspicuous development of tanneries in Skoczów.

Raging war and a fierce fire of spring 1945 reduced the tannery to rubble. No one believed it could be rebuilt. No one, apart from a handful of faithful, devoted employees. It was thanks to their efforts that the first 600 square metres of leather was sold.
In the 80s our plant became a part of a larger structure called: "Poludniowe Zaklady Przemyslu Skórzanego CHELMEK" (Southern Leather Works CHELMEK). On 1 January 1989, the plant separated from the complex to become an independent company named Zaklady Garbarskie SKOTAN w Skoczowie Przedsiebiorstwo Panstwowe (SKOTAN Tanneries: State-owned Company). The first attempts to privatise the business took place in the 90s, when it was suggested to create a partnership owned by its employees. This, however, was eventually forfeited in favour of another privatisation path, namely: the company joined the National Investment Fund programme.
Its privatisation allowed a further company’s development, responsive to the market demand. The shares issued by the new company entered public circulation, and from 11 January 1999 onwards, the shares have been quoted on the STOCK EXCHANGE (GPW) in Warsaw. Our business debuted as the 200th company quoted on the Warsaw GPW, which also coincided with the 140th anniversary of the tannery’s creation. During the last year we have established our position among investors as a reliable company, with actual results confirming our forecasts and most of all as a company with strong foundations. This find confirmation in the interest in Skotan shares shown on the part of financial institutions and the resulting changes in the structure of our shareholders.
An important breakthrough was 12 September 2000 when the Warsaw based National Investment Fund JUPITER concluded a contract with Mr. Miroslaw Karkosik including a commitment to sell 40.32% of SKOTAN S.A. shares.
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